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Saturday, 11 July 2020

What Is cloud Computing ? Services , Usages And Advantage Of Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing is a model for disrtibuting information technology. It gain access to the resources from internet without depending on direct connection with the server.The model can easily retrive resources via-web based tools and application.

The information which is to be accessed is stored in clouds and it gives the privileged to the user to access the information whenever and from where ever they want.

In general cloud computing is nothing but the use of computing resourses such as hardware and software which are distributed as a service accross the network.

  1. Storing huge amount of data 
  2. RFIDs automobiles
  3. Industrial plant machines
  4. Device network
  5. Computing and sharing of data store

  1. Conneting devices
  2. APIs 
  3. Data 
  4. Persons
  5. Applications
  6. Businesses
  7. Services

  1. Cost Effective:-Cloud Computing is cost effective method because most of the cloud services are available at low prices.
  2. Storage capacity:-The cloud offers limitless storage capacity . There by providing provision for storing millions of gagabytes virtually. This means that user can store any where in the cloud and need not worry about running out of storage space.
  3. Enhanced Performance:-The cloud computing executes less numbeer of programs and loads less processes into the memory.This allow to the system to boot quickly and run fastly.
  4. Security:-The cloud computing provide secured data is not lost even it the computer crashes the clouds automatically duplicates the stored data.
  5. data backup and Recovery:-With cloud computing the uses can easily restore the data in case of any system crashes.
  6. Ease of group Colloboration:-cloud computing has the ability to allow one (or) many users to collaborate on document and projects.

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